Sorting of waste

A manufacturing company will invariably create waste. We have decided that our waste must be reused or recycled as new energy or materials. In that way, we ensure a circular economy, which is as environmentally friendly as possible within the present standards.

We divide our waste into 6 categories: combustible, cardboard, clear plastic, Strapex straps, metal and iron as well as electronic.

DYKON Environment Sustainability


Combustible waste is converted into district heating at the local incineration plant. In that way, we are integral in providing heating for all the district heating customers of the local community. Cardboard, clear plastic and Strapex straps are sorted into individual categories and are recycled. Metal and iron is collected and reused in new materials, of which metal and iron form part.
This is one of the ways, we ensure that our carbon footprint is kept at the absolute minimum.

Feather waste

At Dykon we always only use down and feathers, which are a waste product from slaughterhouses. During the washing and sorting process, the largest feathers are sorted out as waste. In the past we have sent these for incineration but we have now partnered with Aeropowder Ltd.

Aeropowder Ltd. uses waste feathers in the development of innovative and sustainable products within the circular economy. They have developed the product pluumo, which is used for insulation in meal boxes, a rapidly growing market. Pluumo has a unique insulating capacity and can replace the use of oil-based polystyrene boxes (styrofoam boxes).
Pluumo is produced in Denmark. Read more about Aeropowder here