Water in the production

Water is a raw material that is essential to producing duvets and pillows. Without water, we would not be able to wash our down and feathers in our washing line

Even though in Denmark, we are lucky enough to have access to clean underground water, it is important for DYKON to reduce water consumption. We consider water a precious resource that is to be upheld.

DYKON Environment Sustainability

Private water bore

DYKON is lucky to have our own water bore at our disposal. In fact, we have two bores, both of which established in 1971. In 2006, we decided to shut down one of the wells, as we do not consume that much of water.

Having our own water bore also means that we are responsible for maintaining and renovating the well. This is done in accordance with Danish regulations, and an external company performs regular inspections of the water bore.

DYKON Production

Waste water

DYKON consumes rather large amounts of water in our laundry. We call this process water: At each wash, we adapt the amount of water and soap, so that we use neither too little nor too much water.

We discharge our waste water at night to avoid putting too much strain on the local sewage system. It is then purified at the wastewater treatment plant in the neighbouring village, Vamdrup, where they clean the sewage water from the entire local area.

Our vision for the future is to become able to recycle the process water in a circular system. We are working with a local company, specialising in such systems, to design a system that allows us to reduce our water consumption further.

Grander water

We have made great progress in terms of reducing our consumption of water using technological automation and digitalisation. One initiative is our GRANDER water system:” GRANDER Water Revitalizing system”.

The GRANDER system changes the state of the water molecules which causes the water to find its optimal rest position before entering our washing processes. The reduction in the surface tension has given rise to several changes at DYKON.

  • The consumption of soap in our laundry has reduced by 32% the first year
  • Pipes and condensers were free of internal coatings, such as corrosion and deposits
  • Previously, the water was dirty and emitted a bad odour after having passed through our washing process. Now, it is odour-free and looks clean afterwards
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