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Product launches - News 22/23

Ringsted Dun - CHILL duvet

Need to CHILL at night?
Be comfortably chilled when sleeping with CHILL duvet.
Supreme ventilation due to its 40% thermal bridge.
Ideal for warm people and very hot weather.

New standard assortment and prices for you

We have developed a completely new European assortment and associated pricelist for the following brands:

  • EngmoDun
  • Ringsted Dun
  • Danica
  • Universe of Sleeping

New in EngmoDun - Olivia

New development in EngmoDun is Olivia duvet and pillow. The products are affordable without compromising on the high standard that characterises EngmoDun.
Olivia: Beautiful cotton twill with characteristic EngmoDun stripes on one side and plain white cotton on the other side. Filled with fluffy white 60% European duck down.

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4-seasons duvet

A 4-seasons duvet is two duvets that can be joined into one duvet.
Cool duvet + Medium duvet = Warm duvet.
This means there is a COOL duvet for warm nights, a MEDIUM duvet for fall or spring. And when combining these two, you get a WARM duvet for cold nights.
They can be buttoned together for easy comfort.

UN Global Goals

DYKON believes that everyone – both our customers and our suppliers – deserve a decent and dignified life. Therefore, we focus on our production being as sustainable as possible, and on constantly improving working conditions that comply with relevant standards.

Moreover, we strive to ensure our products are circular. We use the UN’s Global Goals as guidance in our vision for the future.

Our focus is on Global Goals 5, 6, 8, 12, and 16


As a member of Amfori BSCI, DYKON actively participates in the fight for equality and against child labour, discrimination and forced labour. DYKON has also implemented internal measures including safety rules, safety committees, workplace assessments and a written Company Profile.


We have made great progress in terms of reducing our consumption of water using technological automation and digitalisation. One initiative is the ”GRANDER Water Revitalizing system”. Our waste must be reused or recycled as new energy or materials. In that way, we ensure a circular economy, which is as environmentally friendly as possible within the present standards.


Through amfori BSCI, we help to ensure that minimum wages and working conditions comply with the relevant standards and regulations. In addition, our membership of various interest groups helps to ensure sustainable jobs and fiscal responsibility.


All factory processes meet the Nordic Ecolabel requirements.


We support and work with companies in countries that have focus on human rights and justice.

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Universe of Sleeping

Universe of Sleeping is bringing you dreams to life. Basic to High-range assortment sold through specialty stores and furniture stores.

Universe of Sleeping is the latest brand to join the DYKON family. Universe of Sleeping is inspired by the stars in the night sky and the infinite dreamy universe. Universe of Sleeping is a collection of duvets and pillows of both medium and high quality, named after stars, planets, moons and other fascinating sights in the night sky.

Universe of Sleeping sends dreams heavenward, to a new world filled with the darkness of night and bright shooting stars.

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Only the best is good enough

At DYKON we do our very best to ensure that our products are a safe choice. No compromises are made with respect to fill and fabric when we manufacture our luxurious, comfortable and environmentally friendly duvets and pillows. We always strive for the highest standard within its field.

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Private Label

As Northern Europe’s largest manufacturer and supplier of duvets and pillows with natural fillings, and with more than 70 years of experience in processing the finest raw materials, we can offer our customers proven expertise in the manufacturing and distribution of duvet and pillow products.

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DANICA is based on renowned Danish design. DANICA consists of two series: Basic and High-end. Assortment mid- to high-range sold through hypermarkets and department stores.

DANICA is the Latin word for ‘Danish’. DANICA represents DANICA design. DANICA design is known all over the world, and DANICA builds on the proud Danish architecture and design tradition. A tradition that stands for pure, clean lines, with a ”less is more” and “keep it simple” approach. DANICA consists of two series: Basic and High-end.

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