Only the best is good enough

For the customer, purchasing duvets and pillows is an investment in quality of life and well-being because we spent 1/3 of our life in bed. At DYKON we do our very best to ensure that our products are a safe choice.

No compromises are made with respect to fill and fabric when we manufacture our luxurious, comfortable and environmentally friendly duvets and pillows. We always strive for the highest standard within its field.


OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 is an international product testing system for textiles. It has four product classes, which differ in the amount of residual chemicals they permit.

The Class I standard – which is the strictest – specifies very low limit values for, among other things; formaldehyde, heavy metals and pesticides, which means that the products are suitable for babies. It is permitted that duvets and pillows for adults are in Class II, but we have chosen to certify all our products in accordance with the strictest requirements for Class I.

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DYKON - All products comply to NOMITE


The NOMITE label is the consumer’s guarantee that the down product cannot contain house dust mites. The fabric is woven so tightly that neither house dust mites themselves nor their food, flakes of human skin, can penetrate it.

Contrary to all the myths, down and feathers very seldom cause allergic reactions. The culprit is usually the house dust mite. People who are allergic to house dust mites can therefore safely buy down products with the NOMITE label.
Down products are washable at 60°C, at which temperature house dust mites are killed.

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Downafresh® greenLine (EN12935)

Downafresh® greenLine is your guarantee of a clean, high-quality product that has been made in accordance with the strictest washing requirements in Europe. This means that the raw feathers are washed until they satisfy hygiene requirements and dried at more than 100°C. This guarantees the removal of: H5N1 strain (bird flu), keratin (scales from down and feathers), bacteria and mould, soap residues, as well as other organic residues.

The users of Downafresh® greenLine are obliged to have their products regularly tested at an independent testing laboratory to check whether the requirements for hygiene, cleanliness and environmental friendliness have been met. Only detergents which preserve the environment and the naturalness of the filling material may be used.

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The label DOWNPASS guarantee high quality and the certainty that down and feathers used as filling material are ethically sourced and come from tightly controlled and traceable supply chains. In addition, the quality of all products is monitored by independent testing institutes.
No down and feathers from live plucking
No down and feathers from foie gras production
The birds are monitored throughout their rearing
The down and feathers are traceable
The quality of the down and feathers are tested

This means the down and feathers are traceable and the birds have lived a proper life.

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DYKON - Down & Feather Class 1

Down and feathers, Class 1 (EN12934)

Down and feathers can be declared after three classes according to the EN12934. DYKON only uses new down and feathers of the highest quality (Class 1). The other two classes (class 2 and 3) are for inferior qualities that permit the use of down/feathers from used products that other people have slept in as well as foreign matters.
All our down and feathers  meet the requirements of EN 12934 – Class 1.

Nordic Swan Eco Label

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

On selected products, we can supply duvets and pillows that are Nordic Swan Ecolabelled.
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel guarantees you:

  • The product is among the least environmentally damaging in its category
  • Requirements have been set for substances that are problematic for health

The requirements for eco-labeled products go beyond the legislation. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel revised requirements every few years. In the way they do, at the level follows the general development in the field.

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