Down and feathers – A part of a circular economy

The down and feathers used in our duvets and pillows were originally, and continue to be, a slaughterhouse by-product. In other words, we buy waste from the meat production industry and, thus, being a part of a circular economy. The down and feathers are not wasted but, rather, processed and used for, amongst others, duvets and pillows.

We place emphasis on knowing the origin of our down and feathers. This is why we only obtain down and feathers from European suppliers, which comply with the most stringent animal welfare legislation in the world and who are subject to the strict standards as a member of EDFA (European Down and Feather Association).

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The road from the farm to DYKON

In Europe geese and ducks are older when they are sent for slaughter than they are in other parts of the world. This means that the bird is bigger, but also that the down and feathers are bigger and stronger, providing a much better quality and greater fill power. DYKON does not accept feathers and down from birds, which were plucked from live birds. This is one of the reasons why we use only European down.

The other reason is that European down and feathers may be accurately traced. This means that down and feathers, which are by-products of the food industry, may be traced through the same system, which you can trace the duck and the goose found in the supermarket through.

DYKON is the pioneer of ethical down

We wish to make the process of duvet and pillow production clearer and more transparent. We demand for the geese and ducks, which provide the down and feathers for our duvets and pillows to be treated well.

DYKON only receive down and feathers from carefully selected Danish and European suppliers, who comply with the most stringent European requirements, standards and regulations and which also comply with our own stringent requirements. DYKON has been given an honorary award (Diplôme d’Honneur from Mérite Europêen) for being behind the first European standard for ethical down.

DYKON is a member of EDFA

Member of EDFA

DYKON is a member of EDFA, which is the European industry organisation for down and feather. This means that we are obliged to comply with a significant number of requirements. We are subject to third-party auditing to certify that we comply with the European animal welfare standards, amongst others. Because we purchase only European down and feathers, we are also provided with certification documenting the handling of the birds and that they are treated appropriately, both at the farm and the slaughterhouse.

Moreover, the EDFA controls a number of industry certifications, such as NOMITE and Downafresh® greenline. Together with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Class I, these certifications are difficult to do without for a serious stakeholder in the market for natural-fill duvets and pillows.

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Auditing takes place at various stages. Both with the suppliers and in-house. We are also audited by EDFA. An EDFA member who does not comply with the Traceability standard, which ensures that down and feathers are traceable, will be excluded from the association.

The traceability system obliges us to be able to document where we buy our down and feathers, their origin, how they arrived at our plant as well as how they were processed and used here.
It is possible for anyone, through a neutral third party to obtain a statement on how we handle our purchases.

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Veterinary control

The poultry industry is subject to very stringent regulation and veterinary control. Since down and feathers are a by-product of this industry, it also covers the down and feathers received by us. Through these stringent controls, we are also able to trace the down and feathers, which we receive, to the farm from which they originate. That is what we call traceability.

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DYKON Production

Prior to delivery to DYKON

In Europe, down and feathers must not be transported without first being washed. In that way, all bacteria and other foreign bodies are removed already prior to commencement of transport. Then they are transferred to us and washed again. In that way, we ensure that the cleanliness and quality are superb.

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