The most advanced of its kind in Northern Europe

DYKON has its own laboratory for testing the quality of down and feathers. This ensures that all products comply with the standards we have set for our down suppliers. Of course, we also test the quality of the down that we wash and sort by ourselves to ensure that our duvets and pillows are of consistent quality.

The laboratory is able to test according to many different parameters, each giving a clear indication of the quality.

DYKON EDFA Certificate

EDFA recognised laboratory

Our laboratory is approved by the European Down and Feather Association (EDFA) as an independent test laboratory. This means that it is recognised and that other companies or public authorities can have down and feather products tested at our laboratory.

Our customers and end users have the right to know that our products are manufactured under orderly conditions and that they are subject to highest standards and documentation. When you work with us as your partner, you are guaranteed the best quality of raw materials and in the production process. We also guarantee that we will comply with the applicable rules and regulations in this area at any time.

Test of fabric

Our cotton fabric is tightly woven and finished to be down and feather proof. To make sure we meet our requirements for high quality, our laboratory test all our materials inhouse. E.g. to pass the standard EN 13186 cotton fabric must only have up to 20 penetrations of down and feathers after 2000 impacts in this test machine.

What we can measure and test

As the only laboratory in Northern Europe, we can measure:

DYKON Laboratorium

Fill power

Our laboratory has several different advanced measuring instruments, where we can measure and test the fill power of the down after these international standards:

  • EN 12130-A – 30g
  • JIS L 1903:2011 8.3
  • IDFB Part 10-B
DYKON Laboratorium

Down Percentage

We always make tests of the down and feathers to measure how much is down and how much is feather.

We can measure very accurately – down to 0.1 milligrams.

The measurement is done by hand and takes place according to the following standard:

  • EN 12131
DYKON Laboratorium

Species Determination

To be 100% sure that our down and feathers are duck or goose, we always test our raw materials to determinate the species.

Using a microscope we can see which bird the down and feathers are from.

In this way we can guarantee that there is goose down in a goose duvet and duck down in a duck duvet.

DYKON Laboratorium

Chemistry Tests

In our laboratory our down and feathers go through many different types of tests:

  • Measurement of oxygen number
  • Soxhlet extractor
  • Turbidity
  • Moisture content in down and feathers

All our down and feathers are new and clean down and feathers class 1 after:

  • EN 12934