We will do everything for you to choose DYKON as your preferred partner for duvets and pillows. We provide a strong concept that can be customised according to your wishes and needs. Our many years of experience, modern technology and uncompromising craftsmanship will be your advantage in a partnership.

DYKON Production

Craftmanship and innovation

We combine the old traditions of craftsmanship with innovative ideas and modern technology, and we never accept quality compromises.

DYKON is your guarantor of comfort, finish and a good night’s sleep with a clean conscience for many years.

DYKON Production

Added value

We maintain our leading position in the industry through continuously improving and increasing the efficiency of our company.

Our strategy is to create value for customers based on a high degree of specialisation in the processing of down and feathers. We offer natural products that are optimised for our customers demands.

Unique concept

DYKON is focused on the entire value chain. Therefore we have integrated elements such as customised deliveries, flexibility and competitive prices into our concept.
DYKONs strength is based on:

  • Employees professional and personal skills
  • Leading technology and knowledge
  • Global capacity and supply chain
  • Customer loyalty
  • Key economies of scale
  • Customised product solutions


DYKON Production


Our position as an international leader has been created by our competent and motivated employees. We offer good working conditions and opportunities for development in an international concern, which builds on advanced technology, digitalised production and strong traditions of craftsmanship.

DYKON currently employs approx. 80 employees at the factory in Lunderskov, Denmark, where all our products are produced.

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