Sleep Lab - DYKON


Why Sleep Lab?

At DYKON we have developed our own sleep laboratory, which we commonly call Sleep Lab. The facilities are developed in close cooperation with DTU Byg (ed. Technical University of Denmark – Department of Civil Engineering).
Sleep Lab is developed to investigate which duvet and pillow would be optimum to obtaining perfect sleep comfort based on a particular climate.

Our most important task is to ensure our customers a good night sleep. We aim to discover the secrets of optimal sleep comfort.
We are all unique and are having individual needs when it comes to our sleep. Some prefer an open window, others a warm room. Some lie on their back others on the side. Some find comfort under heavy duvets, others under light. Through our research, we have noticed that a sense of safety and peace of mind are the most important parameters for good sleep, and sometimes even more important than obtaining the best physical comfort.

Sleep Lab - DYKON

What is Sleep Lab?

Sleep Lab consists of many elements:

  • Our advanced mannequin named Simon
  • His bedroom, where we control the room temperature and air humidity
  • A program that measures the various parameters
  • An app, which visualises the program’s data
  • The Sleep Lab universe is visualised in the app


Simon is living in our Sleep Lab. He is our highly-developed mannequin with a total of 28 sensors and 28 temperature sensitive zones. This means that there is a sensor for each of the mannequin’s surfaces. They are all placed in strategic places on his body, and measure temperatures when he is covered by the duvet in the climate-controlled room.

Simon’s bedroom

Simon’s “bedroom” is equipped with a bed where Simon sleeps. More importantly, the bedroom has a climate system that we can control completely. The room temperature can be set from 10 to 40 degrees Celsius and the humidity between 0 and 90 percent. In this way, we can simulate virtually all bedroom environments in the world and find the right composition for duvets for a particular climate. A perfect Summer duvet in Denmark may not be ideal in Japan.

The Sleep Lab Universe

In addition to Simon and his bedroom, the Sleep Lab also consists of a lot of data that is interpreted into a virtual reality app. Our brands have their own unique looks in the Sleep Lab Universe, and can be seen on tablets and smartphones, or by using our VR glasses. With these on, you feel like you’re inside the Sleep Lab universe.

The program

Based on the results we achieve during our research, a database is created to show how our materials, down and feather qualities work together, as well as how our duvets “behave” under certain conditions. Thus, we can develop the perfect duvet and perhaps even perfect sleep for our customers.
The information you can find in our Sleep Lab Universe is our visual interpretation from the database, which we receive while testing the duvets. The information is initially shown in many graphs and numbers in a technical program. This can be confusing to most people and will be time consuming to understand. Therefore, the graphs and numbers are interpreted and visualised through our Sleep Lab app.

The app

When the data is interpreted it is easy to understand what is happening to Simon under particular climates. The coloured temperature scales inside the Sleep Lab Universe is telling us whether Simon is cold, comfortable or warm at a given room temperature and humidity. Chose another duvet and climate, and you will see how Simons comfort level will change accordingly.


  • Initiated in March 2017
  • Sleep Lab consists of a sleep laboratory, where we research duvets, good sleep and sleep comfort in a climate controlled room, as well as an app that makes the data intelligible
  • Virtual Reality and an app make the data understandable
  • The facilities are developed in close cooperation with DTU Byg (ed. Technical University of Denmark – Department of Civil Engineering)
  • Duvet temperatures are measured by Simon’s 28 sensors spread across his body
  • The research creates a directory of sleep data that we can use to develop the perfect duvets


  • Attain perfect sleep comfort for users of our products
  • Gain expertise on sleep and the role of the duvet and the materials we use
  • Create duvets for good sleep according to specific needs
  • Rectify certain causes of bad sleep and sleepless hours