DYKON A/S is the leading manufacturer of duvets and pillows with down and feathers in Nothern Europe.
A position we are proud of. Create through our vision:

We want to be: Sleep expert and the customer´s first choice as for natural filling duvets and pillows



Our mission is to have everything under one roof. Sales and marketing of our own innovative DANISH produced quality duvets and pillows. We want to have focus on sleep comfort, environment, ethics, our own brands and optimal logistics for our customers.

The 4 core values of DYKON

Our 4 core values are reflected in everything we do.

  1. We want to deliver the customer´s dreams – every time!
  2. We want to run a well-operated company that we are proud of
  3. We want to deliver products you can´t live without
  4. We want to be the trendsetter witin the industry