The brands of DYKON

DYKON is one of the world´s leading manufactures of duvets and pillows with down and feathers. We produce both private label and our own brands

Ringsted Dun

Ringsted Dun is more than 70 years old and is today a highly respected brand, known for producing duvets and pillows of the highest quality to high-end distribution channels.

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Flora Danica

Flora Danica duvets and pillows are based on traditional Danish craftsmanship, quality and design and are only composed of the nature’s own raw materials.

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EngmoDun is an old Swedish brand and has made the best duvets and pillows in Scandinavia for over 65 years. EngmoDun is a purveyor to the royal Swedish court.

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DANICA duvets and pillows are based on proud Danish traditions, anchored in a good quality in the workmanship. Danica is the latin word for Danish.

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Bergen Dun

Bergen Dun has for decades delivered duvets and pillows to the Norwegian market. Bergen Dun has a wide selection of duvets and pillows.

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